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08 Jun 2023

Our new Website is Live!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. We hope you like the new look and feel. Check back for latest news and promotions in your local Credit Union.

10 May 2023

Car/Insurance Loan? From €200 to €75k

Loan Process is simple - you could walk away the same day with your Loan...

08 May 2023

Need a Holiday Loan?

Why Not Call today for a Quote. Whether you’re dreaming of the sun or the slopes or sailing the seas, talk to us today about getting financed with ease.

08 May 2023

Call in for your Loan Today as small as €200

Why Wait, call us today for that Loan you are thinking about. Do call us now on 045 525838...

Other Services



Contact our Credit Control Department for a Solution - Talk to Claire at 045 525838 or email - call today please if you need help.

If you're behind in your mortgage payments, you may be worried about losing your home. Talk to your lender. If you can't - talk to MABS.

  • MABS now has a dedicated confidential, free, and independent mortgage arrears service.
  • MABS is a one-stop-shop for mortgage debt advice and referral.
  • No matter what your situation is, MABS will help you work out the next steps.

Take control of what happens next.
Call MABS today on 0761 07 2000 for independent information, advice and referral.



Pay your Bills at the Credit Union

Payzone is a convenient way to pay your household bills, top up your mobile phone and make other payments on your regular visits to Monasterevan Credit Union.

We collect payments on behalf of Ireland’s biggest utility companies including Bord Gais, ESB Electric Ireland, Eircom, AES and UPC. We can also take Eflow toll payments and Property Tax payments. You get a receipt for every payment you make, and your customer account is credited the next working day. We also can issue phone credit for all major mobile phone networks.

New companies are being added to the list of payment services all the time. Ask a member of staff for more details 045 525838


Bureau de Change - Foreign Exchange

Monasterevan Credit Union Ltd in partnership with Fexco, provides a full foreign exchange service to our members.

We have a certain amount of Sterling and US Dollars in stock in the office, but these and other currencies can also be ordered by calling into the office and ordering same.


Cash Draw

Funds will be taken in Oct each year from your account for 3 draws in the Year where the Top prize is €10k

For as little as €40 yearly, you can enter our Cash Draw.

Please contact office for further details @ 045 525838.



Nomination Form - You Nominate someone as the person that receives your Savings in the event of your death - You can have 1 to 10 + people - you decide and this can be changed any time for as many times as you wish to:

  • A “Nomination” is a unique facility available only to Credit Union members, and could be described as a “Mini-Will”.
  • A nomination must be in writing. You may obtain a nomination form in your Credit Union office.
  • The statutory maximum amount that can pass under a nomination is currently €23,000. Any amount in excess of this balance will form part of your estate.
  • If you elect not to complete a nomination, the proceeds of your account will form part of your estate on your death and will be dealt with under the terms of your will, under the rules of intestacy if you make no will or under the small payments provision¹.
  • You may revoke or vary your nomination at any time by completing a new nomination form.
  • A nomination is not revocable or variable by the terms of your will or by a codicil to your will.
  • A nomination is automatically revoked when your nominee dies before you. In this case, you should consider completing a new nomination. If you do not, your property in the Credit Union will form part of your estate.
  • A nomination is automatically revoked by your subsequent marriage.
  • Where your personal circumstances change (e.g. marriage, divorce or separation) you should review your nomination at that time.
  • The nominated property does not form part of a deceased person's estate.
  • A person under 16 years of age cannot make a valid nomination.


Credit Control

Monasterevan Credit union has over 40 years’ experience in providing loans. In that time, we have helped many members, through their ups and downs, to keep their payments going at a sustainable level and protect their credit rating.

We recognise that with all the best intentions in the world unexpected changes can arise in everyone's financial or personal circumstances. In particular, during these times when we are experience inflation costs.

Our qualified and experienced credit control department are always ready to listen and work on a repayment plan that is affordable and sustainable. We will deal with all members’ issues in a confidential and non-judgmental manner. The first step is to make contact with Claire. The earlier we can intervene the more options are available. "Don't bury the head - talk to Claire today", who is only too glad to help you out and to take away your financial worries of today 045 525838 or email

Direct contact details for Claire in Credit Control - Text or call: 086 8822161 or 089 2740252

Alternatively you can email on - or phone 045 525838